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Head Hunter

Swordtember Day 6 - Execution
Head Hunter
Weapon (greatsword), very rare (requires attunement by a creature of lawful alignment)

This greatsword, adorned with a carving of The Radiant Father, was a sacred weapon crafted for the temple knights known as The Order of The Morning Lion. This order was established during the reconstruction of the Azalis Empire after its devastation in The 2nd Chaos Insurgency. Initially, their primary mission was to maintain public order and to hunt down and eliminate any remnants of The Chaos Touched and Children of One. However, when King Zhalim Nizzam Azalia ascended to the throne, The Morning Lion transformed into a tyrannical force, acting as judge, jury, and executioner to those who dared challenge the new king. To bypass the sacred constraints of their weapon, the king cunningly enacted a law designed to permit its use in such a manner so that, adhering to the blessing, they were still acting in accordance with existing laws. Over time, The Order of The Morning Lion also became known as The Red Gauntlet, a reference to their rusted and blood-stained gauntlets, which were the result of the numerous executions they carried out on a daily basis during the reign of King Zhalim.

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