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Thunderous Tempo

Swordtember Day 5 - Loud
Thunderous Tempo
Weapon (shortswords), Instrument, rare (requires attunement)

The Director crafted this item set, drawing inspiration from his earlier prototype, The Spiral Spark. Thunderous Tempo was commissioned by a group he sponsored: The Dark Street Brothers, a band of traveling bards and entertainers who doubled as adventurers. Collaborating with each member, The Director created five distinct magical instruments tailored to their individual expertise and style. Thunderous Tempo was specifically designed for Ghati Dhevani, a maestro of percussion instruments. The set comprises two shortswords, each adorned with a round bell at the blade's tip, and a collection of five floating cymbals. These cymbals are fitted with arcane mechanisms and enchantments, enabling them to amplify sound into waves of destructive vibrations. Additionally, they can transform kinetic energy into electric charges.

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