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Crawling Cutter

Swordtember Day 04 - Centipede
Arthropod Armaments
Crawling Cutter
Weapon (dagger, shortsword, scimitar, or longsword), rare (require attunement)

Crafted from the body parts of the Cutlass Centipede native to Al’az Forest, the Crawling Cutter is a traditional weapon favored by the followers of Nihaya’khayr residing there. Available in various sizes, ranging from a dagger to a longsword, it's primarily used as an off-hand weapon. Despite its menacing appearance, it's typically employed for defense rather than offense. When infused with the user's life force, the tiny legs on the blade spring to life. They respond to pressure on the grip and impact on the blade, enabling them to ensnare an enemy's weapon. This unique feature allows the wielder to control the opponent's weapon, potentially throwing the enemy off-balance or even disarming them.

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