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Blazing Bloodhounds

Swordtember Day 7 - Canine
Blazing Bloodhounds
Weapon (dagger, shortswords, or scimitar), very rare (requires attunement)

This set of three swords was crafted from the body of a rare, mutated, three-headed hellhound that accidentally wandered into the material realm and burned down a significant portion of Adonoa city. Typically, when a hellhound dies, its body turns into brittle cinders and ashes. However, this particular creature left behind a large, sturdy chunk of flaming coal. A demonologist named Oman Jhunkar acquired it from a group of adventurers who had slain the infernal beast. He then transformed it into several magical items, including "The Blazing Bloodhounds," which grants the user the ability to assume the form of a hellhound for a short period of time.

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