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Vice and Versa

Day 06 - Antonym
Vice and Versa

This pair of magical swords are quite an intriguing item. Vice and Versa are created by Astra Laevantin, an infamous enchanter and former member of Children of One that defected from the cult during the last days of the 2nd Chaos Insurgency. It was delivered to the Rustana Theocracy council chamber and is suspected to be created to mock the theocracy's hypocritical and contradictory actions. Every aspect of these two swords is created to be the opposite of each other. Vice has a very angelic design, blunt and engraved with religious symbols, but its core is made of a horn of a powerful devil, and when used, it can release a massive burst of hellfire to its surrounding. While Versa has a grotesque and demonic look, its core is actually made of a broken tip of a saint’s lance that can’t cause any harm but instead heals any creature that touches it.
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