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Infernal Index

Day 5 - Symbiotic
Infernal Index

Tartarus tenaculi is a species of magical plant also known as The Eldritch Grasp fungus. It was first discovered growing near a black pool inside a secret temple that used to be owned by a group called The Violet Breath, a cult that worships a certain Outsider entity called Yldizlar. The Eldritch Grasp fungus is a parasitic organism that can only grow inside the body of a humanoid creature. When one is infected by an Eldritch Grasp fungus, its skin will turn pale with a few patches of bright purple thorns and bright yellowish blisters growing in some part of the body. Instead of harming or controlling the host, the fungus will give the host an enhanced physical strength, sharper senses, the ability to create deadly poisonous weapons from various parts of the body, and even an innate ability to cast some magic. But Eldritch Grasp growth will rapidly progress every time the host dies; at that moment, the fungus will bring the host back to life while taking over more parts of the host body as payment.
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