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Bloodstained Bride

Day 04 - Sanguine
Bloodstained Bride

Originally this twin blade was forged as a gift and promise from the blacksmith to a noble lady who was madly in love with each other. Unfortunately, the lady was forced by her parents to marry the prince of the neighboring kingdom. Even so, the blacksmith persistently works hard to be worthy of being with the lady. The jealous prince, who feels threatened, kills the blacksmith using the sword before presenting it to the lady at their wedding. The lady who realized what had happened went mad and asked any being that would listen to her to curse everyone that attended the wedding. Something answered and cast a strong curse onto the swords. Wielding the now cursed swords, the bride goes into a murderous rampage, followed by other attendances that become infected by the madness. Initially, the sword handle had a hollow space, but after it was cursed, an eyeball that resembled the bride’s eye filled the hole. When blood is poured onto it, it’ll open up and shed a bloody tear onto the blade, changing its shape into a jagged mess.

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