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Envious Evoker

Swordtember Day 07 - Curse
Envious Evoker
Weapon (Shortsword), very rare (requires attunement by a Warlock or Paladin)

Envious Evoker is a weapon usually found wielded by a high-ranking priest of The Lonely King. It is imbued by the King’s otherworldly power and neverending envy toward the current iteration of the multiverse. The power within the blade allows the user to enhance a curse they cast onto their victim, inflicting them with the King's envious desire and stealing some of their natural talents from them. Although most of these swords have been destroyed or seized, a few of them sometimes comes up in some black market and illegal auction. To use this weapon, one must write their real name on the blade, which means they just give their real name to The Lonely King.
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