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Nightmarish Necrosis

Swordtember Day 24 - Decay
Nightmarish Necrosis
Weapon (rapier), very rare (requires attunement)

The Nightmarish Necrosis is a chilling weapon crafted by the enigmatic Doctor Viren D. Blutsauger, a renowned physician and a member of the Tierra Kingdom’s Order of 32 Beasts. While Doctor Viren is celebrated for single-handedly eradicating the devastating plague that swept the southern peninsula of the Tierra Kingdoms through his groundbreaking research, he is also feared as a combatant who employs a lethal array of poisons and diseases cultivated in his laboratory. The Nightmarish Necrosis is an early prototype from his arsenal. Unlike his later, more refined creations funded generously, this weapon was crudely fashioned from whatever materials he could scrounge and hastily enchanted. Yet, its true terror lies in the potent bacteria he engineered and stored within the blade. When nourished with sufficient blood, these bacteria can undergo random mutations, leading to varied and unpredictable effects upon infecting a living host.

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