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Silhouette Slaughter

Swordtember Day 25 - Dimensional
Silhouette Slaughter
Weapon (rapier), legendary (requires attunement)

The Silhouette Slaughter, a sword of peculiar origin, once belonged to an enigmatic Outsider known as "Count Complanor." From its external appearance and abilities, it is inferred that this sword was crafted from the Outsider’s own being, or perhaps, is a part of it. Much like its original owner, the Silhouette Slaughter possesses the ability to become two-dimensional and traverse any surface. This unique capability allows the blade to bypass any physical defenses, such as armor, by merging with and gliding across the surface of any armor or shield, slipping through the tiniest openings or gaps, and directly stabbing the enemy. It also grants the user the ability to become two-dimensional and navigate freely across any surface, albeit for a limited time. Reports indicate that the sword still contains a small fragment of Count Complanor’s consciousness and can communicate telepathically with its wielder. Demonstrating a high degree of intelligence and retaining the twisted, cruel nature of the Outsider, it often coaxes them into committing horrific acts of violence.

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