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Comedy and Tragedy

Swordtember Day 23 - Ambivalent
Comedy and Tragedy
Weapon (shortswords), rare (requires attunement)

The swords known as "Comedy and Tragedy" were the masterwork of Esurienta, a hag whose theater in the Fey Realm was whispered about in fearful tones across all realms. The theater, a place where the line between performance and reality was indistinguishably blurred, was notorious for trapping the emotions of its audience, leaving them as mere husks of their former selves. Esurienta forged the swords from the potent emotional residue, each blade embodying the extreme emotions that were once forcefully extracted from the souls of unsuspecting theatergoers. These twin shortswords, one adorned with a grinning mask and the other with a weeping visage, are said to embody the dual nature of emotions.

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