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Abyssal Avenger

Swordtember Day 22 - Leviathan
Abyssal Avenger
Weapon (greatsword), legendary (requires attunement)

The Abyssal Avenger is a moniker attributed to one of several artifacts discovered by researchers exploring the profound depths of the Laqiama Trench. This seemingly shattered sword is imbued with an unnaturally dense and raw elemental power, bearing an energy signature akin to that of some of the most ancient creatures from the elemental plane of water. Upon meticulous investigation, it was revealed that the sword bears design elements reminiscent of holy weapons used by certain high-ranking celestial warriors. However, its shape has been significantly eroded and altered, particularly the broken-off tip of the blade, which now resembles the jaw of a sea serpent. Remarkably, the sword can conjure a watery tendril that connects it to the broken-off tip, allowing it to maneuver like a colossal whip, seamlessly blending martial and elemental prowess.

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