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Spellbinding Strings

Swordtember Day 21 - Siren
Spellbinding Strings
Weapon (shortswords), Instrument, rare (requires attunement)

The Spellbinding Strings is a unique weapon belonging to the Vasserelli family, a standard weapon used by the Vasserelli blade-singing knights. This beautifully crafted shortsword has a blade that doubles as a bow, and its sheath is adorned with four strings on one side, allowing it to function as a musical instrument. The Spellbinding Strings can produce a mystical sound that can momentarily enchant those who hear it. When multiple Vasserelli knights fight side by side, they can harmonize and synchronize their weapons, creating a lethal concert on the battlefield, intertwining their martial prowess with a mesmerizing symphony of sound.

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