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Crimson Choir

Day 9 - Fey
Crimson Choir
Weapon (Longsword), very rare (requires attunement)

This deceptively beautiful sword was made during the first Chaos Insurgency when the Chaos Touched army invaded the Cernunnos Forest to control the Fey Gate that connects the forest to the Fey Realm. During that period, the Chaos Touched army created a unit called the Fey Slayers. They wield various kinds of horrific armaments designed to kill, corrupt, and combat the elven kingdom of Aellion and the denizen of the Fey Realm that tried to stop them; Crimson Choir is one of such armaments. Crimson Choir comes in many forms, such as dagger, bow, and spear, but the sword is typically the strongest version and made from the most number of sprites and fairy.

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