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Prideful Perfectionist

Day 10 - Painting
Prideful Perfectionist
Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary (requires attunement and proficiency in Painter’s Supplies)

Found in a mysterious workshop located at the top of Whitespine Mountain near The Rhentos Peak, this ‘weapon’ later named ‘The Prideful Perfectionist’ has baffled many experts. The place where it was found is quite mysterious. It is a large workshop built inside a rock cliff and carefully constructed seemingly by one person. Inside, they found hundreds of burned paintings, dozens of empty painting frames on the wall, and in the center of the room, right beside this weapon, a single portrait of a young woman with shoulder-length black hair, brown skin, and striking black eyes wearing a simple white and pink dress. So far, no one has found any information regarding the owner of the workshop and weapon, the woman's identity, and so many other unanswered questions. Some experts said they detected a soul's presence imbued within the weapon. Judging from the nature of its ability, they suspected that one might be able to awaken that soul and the weapon’s full potential by painting an artwork that can inspire the soul that lays dormant inside.

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