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Chromatic Crossroad

Day 08 - Portal
Chromatic Crossroad
Armor (Shield), Weapon (Shortsword), Legendary (requires attunement)

Chromatic Crossroad is an artifact made from a core engine of a dimensional gate from The Great Empire of Lahanagis’s era. It comes with a device that is supposed to function as a key to activate it. An excavation team from The Tower of Arcanum found the barely functioning artifact and attempted to find a way to reverse engineer it to further their research of interplanar travel. But in the end, one of them can only create a weapon out of it. Because it’s no longer possible to mold and bend arcane energy in the air as freely as before the Arcane Rewrite, Chromatic Crossroad uses a specific gem with affinity to a particular plane of existence to power its arcane circuit. Still, it can only temporarily open up an unstable connection to that plane. Instead of a stable key, it ends up only creating a mass of elemental energy and material that coincidentally can also be wielded as a weapon.

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