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Arcane Annihilator

Swordtember 2022 - Day 18 - Reactor
Arcane Annihilator
Wondrous Item, Legendary (requires attunement by Wizard or Artificer)

Found in the ruin of one flying city from The Great Empire of Lahanagis era, this item nicknamed ‘Arcane Annihilator’ was one of the few artifacts that utilize an old arcane formula that still works for the most part. According to some evidence, it was used to carve blue adamantine and Lahanium while making the gargantuan arcane engine that provides power to most of their massive flying city. The sphere that produces a stream of pure magical energy is a complex arcane formula that siphons enormous energy from the gap between planes of existence and turns it into pure arcane energy. But because of the 2nd Arcane Rewrite, the limiter and filter in the sphere no longer function properly, causing the power to be unstable and can cause severe Arcane Poisoning upon prolonged exposure to it.

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