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Smiting Satellite

Swordtember 2022 Day 17 - Gravity
Smiting Satelite
Weapon (Longsword), rare (requires attunement)

The Smiting Satelite is a sword entirely made from materials collected from the Elemental plane of Earth. The sphere decorating this sword is made from the core of a rare type of earth elemental. Instead of the typical humanoid golem-like appearance, this earth elemental is a sphere that has the ability to not only produce its own force of gravity but also control the gravitational force around it. Elementalist and Enchanter Albert Tisserand collected the material to create several types of weapons whose ability revolved around manipulating gravitational force, including this one. Although it’s extremely heavy, when someone is attuned to it, they’ll feel as if it weighs even less than a steel sword.

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