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Red-Hot Razor

Swordtember Day 17 - Spicy
Red-Hot Razor
Weapon (dagger, shortsword, or rapier), uncommon

This shortsword, its blade reflecting the vibrant hue of chili pepper, is meticulously forged from the hardened stalks of the elusive Capsaflora plant. The Capsaflora is renowned for its innate ability to produce a potent particle that induces severe pain upon contact with living tissue—its effects are particularly pronounced when it encounters eyes, mouths, or, most perilously, lungs. The traditional crafting and enchanting techniques of the Lua’ata tribe enable them to preserve the vitality of the stalk, allowing it to produce these particles continuously. This intricate process results in a seemingly simple weapon capable of spraying these painful particles upon striking the right spot, potentially afflicting enemies with intense discomfort. Despite its seemingly hazardous nature, when harvested and processed with care, these particles can be utilized as a spice in culinary endeavors, adding a fiery kick to any dish.
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