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Transient Tranquility

Swordtember Day 16 - Serenity
Transient Tranquility
Weapon (longsword), rare (requires attunement)

The Transient Tranquility was forged by the renowned elven bladesmith, Lirel Silverstring, during a time of great strife between the wood elves that inhabit the Svasnia Vale and neighboring kingdoms. Seeking a way to end the bloodshed without further loss, Lirel turned to ancient elven enchantments and the ethereal energies of the Feywild. Infusing the blade with the essence of tranquility, she created a weapon that could subdue without killing. The blade's ethereal nature and its ability to lull enemies into a peaceful slumber quickly became legendary, and many battles were ended with a mere swing of this sword. Since then, the sword has been replicated many times and become a traditional sword for disciple of The Silverstring Monastery who uphold Lirel’s teaching and pacifism ideals.

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