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Sacramental Sarcophagus

Swordtember 2022 - Day 24 - Cemetery
Sacramental Sarcophagus
Weapon (Longsword), rare (requires attunement by a Cleric or Paladin)

Sacramental Sarcophagus is a weapon wielded by the Gravekeeper of The Serene Soil, an order of clerics and paladins that worship Serena, the goddess of purification and shepherd of the moonless night that guides lost souls to their designated resting place. This equipment granted the wielder the ability to detect undead and fiend's presence and also call upon the spirit of the previous Gravekeepers to help them in a fight. But one of its primary functions is to allow the wielder to perform their sacred funeral rites that will forcefully send undead, fiend, and corrupted spirits into a demiplane that fall under the goddess’s dominion to be purified and guided to their final resting place. It’s said that the demiplane consists of a vast field of tall white grass and a quiet moonless night sky.

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