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Frahagils Fang

Swordtember 2022 - Day 25 - Berserker
Frahagils Fang
Weapon (Shortsword), very rare (requires attunement)

This item was discovered during an investigation of a massacre on a merchant ship that was found drifting a few kilometers from Ariasfel port. The weapon that was later identified as Frahagils Fang is an item that forces The Grand Library to create a special squad to search and secure items made from Frahagils remains. It carries a strong curse that turns its wielder into an unstoppable killing machine resembling the Immortal Juggernaut itself. Their main concern is that based on the research done on this weapon, it’s discovered that it is not made by anyone but has grown into a weapon on its own, and from the merchant’s journal, there are 10 other fangs currently missing.

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