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Curtain Call

Swordtember Day 12 - Veil
Curtain Call
Weapon (longsword or greatsword), rare (requires attunement)

This exquisite sword is forged from a blend of mithral and a distinct type of lahanite found only within certain roaming icebergs of the Grinding Sea. The weapon is a gift to the Snow Sisters, an elite guard responsible for protecting the daughters of the chieftain of the Arnaluk Tribe. The lahanite used in the blade and guard is intentionally left only partially refined. This approach preserves the material's unstable nature, allowing it to emit its magical energy. This imbues the surrounding air with arcane power, producing a captivating curtain of light when the blade is swung. The Snow Sisters are renowned for performing a traditional dance during special ceremonies, creating a mesmerizing light display as they gracefully move with these swords in hand.

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