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Azalian Accolade

Swordtember Day 13 - Jubilee
Azalian Accolade
Weapon (scimitar), legendary (requires attunement)

The Azalian Accolade is a legendary scimitar forged from the ashes of Su'aharaja, the immortal primordial fire elemental whose existence birthed the Great Azalia Desert. This sword is a symbol of a promise made long ago between the first leader of the Azalian people, who were desert wanderers, and Su'aharaja. Imbued with the elemental's fiery essence, the blade leaves a trail of flames that form an image of a firebird with four wings, which become the emblem of the Azalis Empire, a symbol of both their sovereignty and their alliance with the ruler of the great desert. Brandished by Azalian monarchs during their coronation, the scimitar serves not merely as a weapon but as a regal emblem, affirming the emperor's rightful place on the throne.

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