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Lore Ledger

Swordtember Day 19 - Book
Lore Ledger
Weapon (shortsword, longsword, or greatsword), very rare (requires attunement)

The Lore Ledger, a unique sword, stands as one of several gifts bestowed upon high-ranking members of The Grand Library by The Lore Mistress. This magical item, which is available in various forms, is specifically given to The Lorekeepers, Curators who preside over towers dedicated to archiving and studying folklore, myths, and even urban legends from diverse regions. The Lore Ledger possesses the ability to project or materialize the essence of a story inscribed upon its pages. Each Lorekeeper records their own cherished story within their Lore Ledger, resulting in nearly every Ledger housing a different magical ability. Moreover, this item has evolved into a symbol of the Lorekeeper position, being passed down through generations from one individual to their designated successor.

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