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Four Forest

Swordtember Day 18 - Cyclical
Four Forests
Weapon (scimitar), legendary (requires attunement)

Crafted from the spine of a newly sprouted leaf from the apex of the Tree of Life in the Fey Realm, the Four Forest artifact was created by one of the earliest Archfey, simply known as The First Elf. This artifact is one of four divine gifts bestowed by her upon the initial wave of elves migrating from the Fey Realm to the Material Realm. The fresh leaf, imbued with all four blessings of nature, is inherently unstable, yet it holds the essence of the changing seasons. This instability allows it to transition between four distinct forms, each representing a different season and accompanied by unique magical abilities, symbolizing the cyclic and eternal nature of time. The weapon now resides within the Second Tree, situated at the heart of Cernunnos Forest, where it is safeguarded by the descendants of the original tribe, serving as a reminder of their ancestral heritage and the bond between the two realms.

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