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Slithering Silence

Swordtember Day 12 - Squamous
Slithering Silence
Weapon (Scimitar), rare (requires attunement)

This sword is created using the horn of Zhemnya, a large angler fish-like creature living on the ethereal plane's border. It hunts by slipping in and out between the ethereal and material planes, preying on living creatures. The beast is accompanied by a swarm of serpentine creatures called the Silent Serpents, who feed on the Zhemnya’s prey’s life essence. They also have a unique taste and can devour any noise around them, making Zhemnya a very stealthy apex predator. By utilizing the unique energy emitted by a Zhemnya’s horn, the sword can imitate the same signal that Zhemya produces to lure Silent Serpents toward the wielder and control them to some extent. But as a consequence, the wielder and their surrounding will be surrounded by absolute silence, and there’s a chance that the signal will also attract other Zhemnya.

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