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Sluggish Slasher

Day 11 - Bacterial
Sluggish Slasher
Weapon (Longsword), very rare

The Sluggish Slasher is an artificially created Ooze that was found fusing with a magical sword, using it as a host and utilizing the enchantment to siphon magical energy to sustain itself. It was found in one of Astra Laevantin’s abandoned labs. Based on a few notes found in that lab, it is suspected that the enchanter was planning to make a copy of the mighty ooze created by her mistress but ended up with a lesser version that she abandoned along with other failed prototypes. The ooze eventually grows by consuming other forgotten experimental creatures and artifacts for several decades until it settles with a defective item, a sword with a fast energy regeneration but can’t correctly produce its supposed magical effect as the output. The Ooze seems to gain sentience, but from the observation so far, it only has a level of intelligence equal to a 7 years old human child, and it gives a response when called by the name ‘Fran.’

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