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Trailblazers Tail

Swordtember Day 9 - Draconic
Trailblazer's Tail (Southern Sea)
Weapon (dagger or shortsword), rare (requires attunement)

The Trailblazer’s Tail, known natively as Draganthoka, is a revered traditional weapon of the indigenous inhabitants of the Emerald Trail Archipelago. These people thrive under the protection and blessings of three ancient wyrms, guardians of the Cerulean Ocean. Various types of Draganthoka exist, each crafted from the scale of one of these three wyrms. This specific weapon is forged from the scale of the ancient sea wyrm, Turpurhani, who dominates the southern reaches of the Cerulean Ocean. Wielded by elite warriors from local tribes, this weapon grants its user the ability to conjure ocean waves with each step. This not only enables them to walk on water but also to unleash powerful waves that can sweep adversaries off their feet. The weapon's power embodies the tumultuous waves characteristic of the southern Cerulean Ocean.

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