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Grinning Gastronome

Swordtember Day 8 - Gourmand
Grinning Gastronome
Weapon (longsword or greatsword), very rare (require attunement)

The Grinning Gastronome is the name bestowed upon a peculiar set of weapons wielded by the followers of the Abyssal Lord of Gluttony. These weapons are most commonly found in the form of longswords or greatswords, though there are reports of daggers, armor, and shields with similar capabilities. Each weapon houses a small fragment of the Abyssal Lord, establishing a direct link to the deity. Not only does it possess the power to drain an enemy's life force, but its most bizarre ability is to transform anything it kills or wounds into cake. However, this formidable power comes at a price. Wielders of the Grinning Gastronome are afflicted with an unquenchable hunger. If not satiated, they begin to perceive everything around them as irresistible food. Legend has it that most of what the sword—or its user—consumes is funneled directly to the Abyssal Lord, feeding its insatiable appetite.

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