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Liar's Lament

Swordtember Day 08 - Cursed Relic
Liar’s Lament

“Thou shall not lie in the presence of the cursed juries”

Originate from the guillotine blade used in the coup de tat against the first dynasty of Azalis Empire, where thousands of royal families, nobles, and knights were executed after their names were smeared with various false accusations of heinous crimes in a sham trial. The curse from its victim accumulates and eventually manifest to take over the blade and parts of the guillotine to form a grotesque giant sword. The semi-sentient sword will curse and mark anyone who speaks lies in its vicinity, even it’s own owner. It will then force the current wielder or find a nearby host to wield it in order to hunt down and kill the liar at any cost. The soul of those who has been marked and then killed by this sword will be consumed and trapped within the sword.