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Creeping Cranium

Swordtember Day 10 - Alien
Creeping Cranium
Weapon (shortsword or rapier), rare (requires attunement)

The Creeping Cranium is a creature originally birthed by an entity from the outer realm named Zheka’yici, also known as the Wandering Brain. This being breached into the material realm during the 1st Chaos Insurgency. In that era, the Wandering Brain would produce these creatures and bestow them upon its thralls—unfortunate mortals who had their brains consumed by it and subsequently replaced with a larva of the Wandering Brain. The Creeping Cranium served dual purposes: as an egg carrier and as a tool to inject its larva into other beings, thereby expanding its thrall army. However, after Zheka’yici's demise, the Creeping Craniums lost their connection to the hivemind and gradually became independent entities. While they are now quite rare, a few can occasionally be spotted in underground caverns or within the ruins of dungeons and hideouts constructed by The Children of One. Although they no longer maintain a connection to a hivemind, they have evolved the ability to form both physical and mental bonds with a host, resulting in a symbiotic relationship.

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