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Tectonic Tusk

Swordtember Day 14 - Depth
Tectonic Tusk
Weapon (shortsword, longsword, or lance), very rare (requires attunement)

This seemingly plain sword, adorned with simple spiral engravings and forged by geomancers from Chamber Deep, is imbued with ancient runes carved meticulously into its hilt. The sword possesses the unique ability to manipulate and mold the surrounding earthly materials into an extension of its blade. This allows the wielder to seamlessly burrow through the earth, easily creating tunnels and pathways. While the sword's design and purpose are not for the master geomancers, who already command the very essence of the earth, it serves as an invaluable tool for their disciples, aiding them in their journey to mastery. However, wielding this sword is no simple task. Its transformative abilities significantly increase its weight, requiring a certain level of training and strength to harness its full potential effectively.

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