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Lustful Lure

Swordtember 2022
Day 15 - Sin
Lustful Lure
Weapon (Rapier), very rare (requires attunement)

Lustful Lure is a weapon wielded by one of The Chaos Touched, a succubus that referred to herself as Vitch. During the 2nd Chaos Insurgency, the tale of horrific torture and gruesome act done by the succubus by using this weapon spread across the land. Rumor said the rapier was created by soaking the blade with the blood of her lovers and her own blood. The result is a cursed weapon that can infect its victim with maddening and blinding love. Unfortunately, the curse also extends to the wielder to some degree. Curiously, someone with an infernal lineage seems to be able to resist the curse much easier than others.

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