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Cradled Conviction

Swordtember Day 03 - Incarcerate
Cradled Conviction
Weapon (Rapier), very rare (requires attunement)

Cradled Conviction is a peculiar rapier, said to be forged from materials scavenged from the ruins of Yalniz Fortress. This abandoned prison fortress, located on Maezul Mountain, was once used to incarcerate leaders of a resistance army that nearly overthrew the royal family of the Shaerun Kingdom. Rumor has it that the warden of the fortress struck a contract with a fiend, granting him and his garrison incredible power in exchange for allowing the fiend to take control of the prison. However, the unyielding persistence of the prisoners reportedly led the fiend to break the contract, ultimately resulting in the fortress's downfall. It is believed that the blacksmith who crafted Cradled Conviction was a descendant of one of these prisoners. Using the remnant of the fiend’s infernal power and fragment of emotion lingering within the irons, He is said to have enchanted the weapon with potent magic to honor the sacrifice and conviction of his ancestor.

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