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Gluttonous Guillotine

Day 1 - Predatory
Gluttonous Guillotine
This giant cleaver is made from one of the broken weapons found on the body of Frahagil, The Immortal Juggernaut. Those weapons that have been bathed and stained by Frahagil’s blood are permanently imbued by its wretched energy, which manifests as various curses. After heroes from Rustana Theocracy successfully slain the Juggernaut and scattered its body to different corners of the world, those cursed weapons were supposed to be destroyed. Unfortunately, some greedy acolytes managed to steal and sell them to the black market. One of them is made into this Gluttonous Guillotine. This sword has been permanently merged with a small lump of Frahagil’s flesh that can still grow indefinitely, turning the sword into a gigantic blade with multiple gaping maws.
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