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Aurelian Avarice

Swordtember 2022 - Day 29 - Midas
Aurelian Avarice
Weapon (Longsword), very rare (requires attunement)

Aurelian Avarice is a cursed sword made from the stolen right arm of Count Auros. Count Auros was a low-ranking nobleman who governed a small territory in the southern valley of Azalisa a hundred years ago. The story said that the count desperately needed funds to develop his struggling territory, so in his desperation, he challenged an Archfey to a game of dice and unexpectedly won. As a reward, he asked for the ability to turn anything into gold, and as agreed upon, the Archfey granted his wishes. But, suspecting the count for cheating, the Archfey put a twist on the ability. When the delighted count uses his ability to build his territory and make his people prosper, greed starts to grow inside him. The ability becomes an out-of-control curse that turns everything that touches the man’s body into gold. In the end, the count is trapped inside his underground vault alone, restrained by his lavish attire, turning his riches into his own tomb. Although he’s dead now, the curse still plagued his body, and this right arm can turn creatures that come in contact with it into gold.

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