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Esmeralda Idris

Another one of my D&D Character, this time playing a grandma in a mafia family campaign, Cloak and Dagger

Esmeralda Idris
Hexblood (Half-elf), Divine Sorcerer/Undead Warlock (Pact of The Chain).
Esmeralda Idris, a current matriarch of the Idris family, a well-respected family who runs a tailoring business called The Unicrow and has some influence and reputation in the underground world of the city as a family of fixers. During her prime time, she's a decently powerful sorcerer that earns her the nickname 'The Scarecrow'. But as she grew older, her power diminished thus she decided to retire and hand over the business to her daughter and grandchild.

However, after her eldest daughter was murdered by an unknown person during a job that went south. Esmeralda decided to pick up the mantle of Matriarch of the family again. With a new power granted by her fey ancestor, Madam Midnight, she builds back up her family business while slowly regaining her power back to find the one who is responsible for her daughter's death. The new undead blessing allows her to transform into her prime self momentarily.
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