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Dreadful Drought

Swordtember Day 15 - Thirst
Dreadful Drought
Weapon (shortsword, longsword, or greatsword), very rare (requires attunement)

The Dreadful Drought is a sword with a grotesque mummified fiend skewered onto its hilt by a dark, iron stake, was birthed by a vengeful cabal bearing deep-seated malice against the Azalis royalty. With the blade forged from seemingly fluid sands, its form is paradoxically steadfast and lethally sharp. To create this sinister weapon, the cabal harnessed the tormented spirits of desert wanderers, binding them to the essence of a vanquished fiend. Infused with these spirits and bathed in cursed desert springs, the blade was designed not just to kill but to bleed an empire dry. Using this weapon’s cursed ability, they orchestrated a reign of terror marked by strategic slaughters and destroying valuable water sources, all to sow the seeds of chaos and trepidation in the heart of the Azalis Empire territory.

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