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Crying Crucible

Swordtember Day 02 - Despair
Crying Crucible
Weapon (Longsword or greatsword), rare (requires attunement)

Found in a secret warehouse on the outskirts of Than Valdur's slum area, this macabre weapon is just one of many grotesque items crafted by a serial killer known as "The Bone Carver." This individual is notorious for murdering victims to use their bodies and souls as materials for their dark hobby: creating magical items. The weapon discovered in Than Valdur is the second of its kind to be found. According to a note left with the sword, it is named "Crying Crucible" and was crafted using the corpse and soul of a woman named Lilien Crows. Lilien fell victim to The Bone Carver's elaborate scheme, losing everything she had before ultimately being killed and transformed into this item in a state of absolute despair. Her soul remains bound to the sword, allowing the weapon to infect other creatures with waves of dark emotion.

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