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Crushing Crocodile

Swordtember 2022
Day 14 - Industrial
Crushing Crocodile
Weapon (Greatsword), Rare

Crushing Crocodile is another Director’s prototype created based on the Cruel Crimson concept. This time he uses an enchanted grinder designed to destroy and demolish a magical item and fuses it with a giant greatsword. The blade can split up to a 160-degree angle and clamp on target while grinding it using an array of arcane saw blades and grinding gear, tearing apart their armor and flesh. As usual, it consumes a lot of energy to activate multiple grinding gears and arcane saw blades that he installed in it, and because of those massive contraptions, the sword is weighty and hard to control. Despite the enormous cost and seemingly impractical product it produces, it becomes a reference for a new ‘compact crusher’, a portable device used to disable and destroy magic items that can be used by non-spellcaster.

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