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Vengeful Voyager

Day 13 - Sunken
Vengeful Voyager
Weapon (Greatsword), Legendary (requires attunement)

This ‘Sword’ was found and brought back by a group of scavengers who accidentally managed to get out of the ‘Whispering Horizon,’ a mysterious wandering pocket dimension that is often the cause of ships and airships' disappearance around the Cerulean Sea. According to a journal, they found, It was initially a part of a warship called ‘The Mirthful Maiden,’ which belonged to the Fyrmel Kingdom, which was conquered by the Azalis Empire around 200 years ago. The ship was a part of the Fyrmel royal navy that betrayed their kingdom and ran away from the battlefield. The vessel seemed cursed by the captain and crew that they killed for insisting on fighting for their honor till the end and their comrades that they abandoned. Weider of this sword can summon the Mirthful Maiden and its crew, who were hoping that by heeding the call now, they will somehow be forgiven. With that desperate hope, the Mirthful Maiden will sail anywhere it’s commanded, even on land.

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