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Clockwise Cutter

the design is based on Ouro Kronii (Hololive EN Vtuber) character design since the clock and time theme match so well.

Swordtember 2022 - Day 28 - Shear
Clockwise Cutter
Weapon (Special), very rare (requires attunement)

Clockwise Cutter is a weapon bestowed upon a chosen sentinel of the Warden of Time, a celestial deity that protects the continuous flow of time and the law of causality. The scissors-shaped sword, which resembles a pair of clock arms, grants the wielder the ability to manipulate the flow of time around them, allowing them to move extremely fast and even jump forward in time to avoid danger. Rumor said that the weapon is created by the deity to hunt Arsqualia, The Timeless Dragon, an entity whose existence threatens the flow of time and the law of causality. It is said that those who wield this weapon can resist Arsqualia’s time paradox and distortion effect.

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